TRIBE Freedom Run – Norwich


TRIBE Freedom Run – Norwich

Saturday December 10th 2016


The Freedom Run weekend was an initiative begun by TRIBE to support the Unseen charity in the last quarter of the year.  Unseen do an amazing amount of important work to give a lifeline to people enslaved – in jobs they don’t get paid for as sex workers or manual labourers, often trapped in places they don’t want to be. Unseen provide a telephone line and source safe houses for as many people as can contact them. Have a read of their website – there are some amazing, moving stories on there.


The day dawned with a hint of rain in the air but unseasonably warm temperatures – a far cry from the expected minus degrees we would normally have mid December!

The Norwich TRIBE runners

Oh yes, that’s me with my eyes closed

Preparation for the weekend has been immensely complicated – luckily all I had to do was take care of the Norwich chapter of the Freedom runs, which wasn’t without it’s challenges. We had a last minute panic when the box of TRIBE bars and t-shirts hadn’t been received at home but was tracked to a mystery person having signed for them, with no notification from Parcelforce. Thankfully, on Thursday evening, the kindly soul who took them in gave up waiting for us to come and collect, and did the postie’s job for him!


The support from Catton parkrun was brilliant. Not only did they respond without hesitation to my request that we hold the run in conjunction with the parkrun on that day, they offered help, introduced me to the park warden (who made sure the building was open for us, just in case we needed it a bit longer) and one of  the team even did the run with us! We had an announcement at the beginning from the RD, Paul Evans – a legend in his own right and the nicest marathon winner I’ve ever met!

mid parkrun - thumbs up!

mid parkrun – thumbs up!

The parkun itself was great, and we had set up our TRIBE runners with easy to spot t-shirts to gather everyone after the run, to do the next part. After a short pause to gather everyone up, we were off again as a group. The route was pretty easy to follow – out of the park to the airport then back to the park. Some parkrunners joined us on a whim, which was fantastic. Unfortunately we didn’t get a group shot of everyone but the total was probably about 15 people, which is great. We talked to many more that, raising awareness for Unseen through the leaflets that TRIBE provided, and cash donations on the day totaled over £40, with promises of online donations too.


Our Total is currently £360 with the cash donations – my Christmas wish is to push that over the goal of £500.

Being a part of something bigger than you, is what running is about for me. Meeting people, talking about the change we can exert on the world to make it a better place – that’s the impact we can have. If we can do that while jogging along talking to friends and would-be friends, even better. The photos and updates on social media from the #Fuelledbytribe and #TRIBEFreedomRuns were brilliant, as the runs set out across the UK.

most of the runners

most of the runners

Thank you so much to all who have supported so far – TRIBE,  the other ambassadors, my husband, my TRIBE Runner friends (including one who got up at the crack of doom on a Saturday to man the change bucket while we were out running) and all of the participants and donors. What a difference we can make.


Here’s that link – please, give what you can.


Tempus Fugit when you’re training and working and having fun


Well, here we are, past New Year and Easter and the first races of 2015. How does that happen?

For the first three months of 2015 I had a Plan. I had a Coach. I had Plans to Blog about it. And then life took over and I realised I couldn’t manage the doing and the blogging.

So here I am, sans Coach but with my own Plan and eight weeks to go until Stockholm marathon.

Actually, here I am on Noosa beach, pretending to be a lifeguard. I visited lovely family for a week, a couple of weeks ago. It was lush.
Sooz lifeguard

I even managed to do a parkrun! This was Noosa. It was 24 degrees when we started, at 7am. Phew. I like to think I was going so fast the photographer couldn’t catch me.

Noosa parkrun

I think this is one of my favourite all time pics of me running. We’re a few hundred metres in to the Larmer Tree marathon, run by the amazing White Star Running. Look at my air!

We did Larmer Tree in 5hours 40, walking and running. It was lovely. I can’t recommend WSR enough, honestly.  The races are reasonably priced and you feel like they actually care about you, instead of trying to wring as much dosh as they can out of you. Food at the end was included, photos are free (yes, free) and the aid stations are well stocked with proper food and hugs.  Oh yes, and the races are all in the beautiful surroundings of Dorset. I’m hoping to do the Dorset Invader there in the summer.

Larmer jump

Well, this is obviously Bath – The Royal Crescent, hilariously referred to as ‘a row of terraced houses’. Not where I’m from, thanks.

I did the Bath half marathon at the start of March, in 1:56. My first sub 2 since my PB a year ago (of 1:50). I feel much better now, but I think there’s more where that came from.
royal crescent

I’m ba-ack!




My, I am so sorry, my poor little neglected blog. I have been visiting you with the intention of writing another post following July 2012 (JULY!) but life has got in the way.

Mr Charming and I got married a month ago so we’ve spent about 9 months planning and plotting, along with a change in jobs, my sister got married, I ran two marathons, five half marathons, a 20 miler, a 10 miler and I got my 100 parkrun t-shirt too!

I will put some wedding photos up soon (promise) but here’s a little taster (alongside the ones above, of course)

So coming  up – Adnams 10k, I start Paris marathon training, Christmas, a new baby niece or nephew and a bit of a re-cap on life up until now. Oh, and some books too I reckon.