2018’s Reading Challenge!


Thanks to my amazing sister, who spotted this on Instagram and suggested we try it.  We live 10,000 miles apart so it’s a pretty good way of keeping in touch, I think.

25 books over the year. 2 a month (ish) or 25 in December – your decision!

The IG post has some more details and the hashtag #ReadwithRD if you want to join in!

I’ll be posting reviews with numbers in the title to keep track.


Happy Reading!

Categories below:

A book

by your favourite author
A book with an animal on the cover
A book you read in high school
A book of poems
A book you got for free
A book set during WWII
A book published before you were born
A book you found in a used bookstore
A book recommended by a reading buddy
A book reviewed in a magazine
A book that is a memoir
A book that is a YA novel released in 2018
A book based on a fairytale
A book that is an award winning book
A book that is blue
A book with a city in the title
A book on your shelf you haven’t read yet
A book based on your spiritual beliefs
A book that is a graphic novel
A book written by a journalist
A book that takes place where you live
A book that is challenging for you
A book with a number in the title
A book that is non-fiction
A book of your choice

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