The Girls – Emma Cline



the girls

I was interested to read this book, and it was a good read. It’s the story of a girl who was ‘almost’ – almost remembered, almost revered/reviled. In the right place at the wrong time.


Evie is a middle aged woman who is house-sitting for a friend in California, when her friend’s estranged son and his young girlfriend visit unexpectedly. She is encouraged into telling her story of how she was part of a cult when she was a teenager.


The story is told in flashbacks, as vignettes, snapshots of young men and women living together in the Summer of Love era. The days are hot, the food is scarce and they live on lust and drugs.


Evie’s story is wistful, and because there isn’t really anything about the thirty years inbetween now and then, it feels like she’s been stuck in time, not being able to move forward from that episode. Without introducing spoilers, I thought that Evie regretted her part in it, and wished for something more. Something more impressive.


The book was a good read and I thought it was well written, but there was something lacking for me. I expected there to be something else coming round the corner, and it never did.


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