Rotterdam Week One – the Hanson plan

Date Workout Time taken Mileage average pace how did it feel?
2 Not NYD 10k 54.14 6.2 08:42 3
3 5 or Speed 46:28:00 4.92 09:27 4
4 4 or MP 6 39:46:00 4.25 09:21 5
5 Off
6 5 or 7 50:09:00 5.29 09:29 3
7 4 or 6 01:26:56 09:08 09:34 2
8 6 or 12 01:22:36 08:44 09:47 4


So that was week one. A race, some speedy miles and more than a 100% increase from last week’s mileage. Woops.

  • Wednesday’s run had a couple of speedy miles in the middle: 8:44 and 8:38, and they felt pretty good.
  • Sunday’s run felt pretty leaden but I did chuck some good hills in there – Harvey Lane and Rose Lane, and managed to get up those with only a small rest at the top.
  • The scale is 1-5, 1 being terrible and 5 being pretty great, so I think I did pretty well this week, in a time where I went back to commuting to the office and back to work properly after the Christmas break.

Next week: a 10mile tempo run on Tuesday followed by a 5M MP run on Wednesday,woo!

This was the parkrun I was honoured to take part in on Saturday:


2017 goalpost(s)


My goals are going to be attainable but flexible. I want to keep focus without pressurizing myself into the ground, and I want to build in lots of rest time too. The main thing I want from this year is to enjoy it.


  1. 250 parkruns.

I’m currently on 242 so I reckon my 250th will be sometime in February. 250 runs and 1250km. That’s very nearly enough to run from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Phew. That doesn’t take into account the distance covered from and to parkrun either.


  1. Marathon PB.

My marathon PB is 4:12, set in Paris in 2013. I know I can do better than that. I will do better than that.


Rotterdam’s marathon course. The A race next year

  1. 25 volunteer parkruns

I’m on 11 at the moment, so once I’ve done the 250 I will make sure I volunteer 14 more times at parkruns across the county/country.


  1. 10k PB

I set my 50minute 10k PB at Adnams in 2013. I want that sub 50. I can run 5miles consistently at 39minutes, so I’m sure I can do one more mile at 10minutes to get it, right?


  1. Rest

I will take four weeks off after Luxembourg and enjoy not running. I will swim or walk or cycle if I want to. I will not worry about pace and I will avoid running for that four weeks.


Me in June 2017 (actually it’s the cat, but you get the idea)



Race calendar so far for 2017

2nd January – Wymondham Not New Year’s Day 10k

12th March – Colchester half marathon

9th April – Rotterdam marathon

27th May – Luxembourg Night marathon

8th October – Chicago marathon