Journey to Amsterdam – Week Sixteen: RACE WEEK!

Week Breakdown Nutrition Breakdown Other Considerations Comments
12th October


  • base rate of 1500kcals
  •   Think about how you feel.·  Weigh in
  • Make sure you’re getting enough water
 At this point, I’ve stopped weighing myself, to be honest! I know I could do with losing a few lbs but I’m happy where I am right now.


TUES  Recovery 6M
  • +200kcals before run as carbohydrate snack
  • Keep fluids up
Need to keep stretching

5.58 recovery ave pace 9:43min/mil

WED Dress Rehearsal 7M w 2M @ MP
  • base rate
  •  Report how you feel.
  • Stretching
 6.66M ave pace 9:10min/mil

Struggled to keep the pace below 9:30, even managed an 8:42!

  • +400kcals
  • Spread additional over the whole day and look to keep GI low when taking on carbohydrates.
  • ·  Remember to be taking on micro nutrients where ever possible.·
  • Don’t let fluid intake drop
 Yoga class
FRI Recovery + speed 5M w 6 x100m strides
  • + 500 calories, make this carb focussed
· keep hydrated

Stretch and yoga

Flight to Amsterdam from Norwich that day


SAT  Recovery 4M
  • +500kcals
  • Eat a carb focussed lunch and dinner, as early as you can to aid digestion
  • Keep hydrated
·  Stretch  Walked around Amsterdam

porridge and toast for breakfast

Burrito for lunch

pizza for dinner

protein shake before bed

  • +300 kcals
  • Keep drinking water and fluids
  • Try to retain the nutrient balance
  • Anti-Spasms
  • Stretch
  • Self-massage
 Porridge and toast for breakfast


Positive split of 1:59/2:39.

Well, more to come in the race report, but it was definitely one of two halves!


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