Journey to Amsterdam – Week Nine

Week Breakdown Nutrition Breakdown Other Considerations Comments
24th August


Rest or Cross Training
  • base rate of 1500kcals
  •   Think about how you feel.·  Weigh in
  • Make sure you’re getting enough water
 Sweatshop recovery run 4.77M ave pace of 9:07min/mile

calories 1,890

TUES  General Aerobic 8M
  • +200kcals before run as carbohydrate snack
  • Keep fluids up
Need to keep stretching

8.27M ave pace 9.45min/mile

calories 1,877

WED V02 Max 8M w 5 x 800m @ 5k race pace/50-90% jog interval time between
  • base rate
  •  Report how you feel.
  • Stretching
 second attempt at the 20M – 17.5 ave pace of 12min/mile

calories 1,620

THURS  Recovery 5M
  • +400kcals
  • Spread additional over the whole day and look to keep GI low when taking on carbohydrates.
  • ·  Remember to be taking on micro nutrients where ever possible.·
  • Don’t let fluid intake drop

calories 2,182

FRI Rest or cross training
  • no change
· Maintain micro nutrient intake on rest days  rest
SAT  Medium Long Run 14M
  • +500kcals
·  Stretch  cut short 5.63M ave pace of 10:16min/mile

calories 1,921

SUN  Norwich 10k – General aerobic 8M w 8 x 100m strides
  • +300 kcals
  • Keep drinking water and fluids
  • Try to retain the nutrient balance
  • Anti-Spasms
  • Stretch
  • Self-massage
 57.14 on the garmin. Nice easy run, enjoyed it all.

calories 2,867 – Zak’s for dinner!

I struggled with the long runs this week. I think it might be that I’m trying to do too much with not enough rest days. I’m frustrated though, because I’ve been feeling pretty good up until now.

I’ve increased my calorie intake a bit and allowed for more carbs too. My weight hasn’t changed, really, although I feel more toned so I might be making muscle, especially with the increase in protein.


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