The Road to Stockholm – Week Five

Week Breakdown Nutrition Breakdown Other Considerations Comments


  • no variant
  • Report how you feel.
  • Weigh in
 This was so tough. 10:35 average pace but the last three miles were more walking than running. I chafed in the sun, ran out of water and everything creaked. Pleased I did it.

Weigh in – 2lbs less than last week

calories 2,921

  • 300kcal
  • split calories before and after session
  • Racing Wednesday so just get the legs used to pace

felt good for the tempo mile

calories 1,840

  • +200kcals
  • Take additional calories 2hr pre workout.
·         Report how you feel.

·         mobility exercise before the race to raise HR


took it reasonably steady

calories 2,501

-too much chocolate and had pizza that day too!



SRC Recovery run

  • no difference
  • Spread additional over the whole day and look to keep GI low when taking on carbohydrates.
·  Remember to be taking on micro nutrients wherever possible. Cycled to work and back 10miles

Sweatshop run 9:02/8:18/9:52

calories 1,806

– felt okay. Wanted a longer run but had to settle for faster



  • +200kcals
  • Keep an eye on energy level
 45 lengths (1125m) breaststroke in about 40 minutes

calories 1,969

– had a pint of ale, beer and a cocktail which are not included un the calorie count.

too much chocolate again!

  • +100kcals
  • parkrun not advised as heavy week with longest run – volunteer!
  • Still complete relaxation and therapy session.
 go karting

calories 2,429

– pastry for lunch and dinner portion (turkey and pasta) was too big


T2M/MP6M/E1M/CD1M (approx 22M)

  • +600kcals
  • Please split additional between pre and post workout.
  • I would advise Protein and complex carbohydrate makes up the majority of this.
·         Mobility stretches pre run

·         Pay attention to piriformis and glutes post run

 Tired but didn’t feel too bad considering it was a heavy week. Back, hamstrings and glutes felt extremely tight though, meaning from 13 miles I walked/ran and from 16 I walked home. Same as Monday.

calories 2,472

This was a tough week, but I felt fine. A bit fatigued but generally okay, apart from the lower back, hamstring and glute issues I experienced on the long runs. I will stretch every day (instead of twice a week) and see if that improves it.

Pleased with the weight loss but I think I need to cut out the snacks, I’m still spending too many calories on chocolate. I’d rather have more of the good stuff.

Long run splits from Sunday – I’m getting a pretty good pace on (slightly inconsistent, but okay) until almost exactly two hours in, when you can see me start to really struggle.

2015-05-11_10-49-57Mileage total 49:52miles (running) 9:65miles (cycling), 0.7miles ish (swimming) 2miles ish (go karting)

Total calories: 15,937

Target total calories 11,900

difference: 4,037

The good news is that I’m not hungry anymore, and my protein/fat/carb percentage intake are quite steady.


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