The Road to Stockholm – Week Four

Week Breakdown Considerations Nutritional Breakdown Comments

SRC run

  • Just to loosen joints and increase circulation.
  •   Weigh in
  • no variant
 exactly the same as last week (pretty good considering I ate approximately 3 million calories over the weekend)

calories 1,899

4.22miles @ave page of 8:34 – includes 2 sub 8 min/miles!



Club session – v gentle

  • focus on form going up and down hill
  • find a hill which takes 60-90 seconds to run up
  • Tissue flossing.
  • No Variant
 calories 1,929

4.85miles ave speed 9.9mil/ph

  • Stretching after marathon
  • no variant
 calories 1,895

Conditioning class

Felt hungry in the evening

  • Focus on form
  • +200kcals
  • Spread additional over the whole day and look to keep GI low when taking on carbohydrates.
 calories 1,983

7.08miles at ave pace of 9:11

splits: 9:49/8:33/9:04/9:13/9:05/9:03/9:23

Felt brilliant this run – had protein shake and a cup of tea before



  • concentrate on form and stretching out, don’t put pressure on your neck or back
  • +200kcals
  • take these extra calories as protein after swim
 Needed a rest day.

calories 2,212

had two ice creams today, woops…

  • Anti-Spasms
  • Stretch
  • Self-massage
  • Ice to areas of tightness if exist.
  • Tissue flossing.
  • +100kcals
  • If you choose to do Park Run then increase intake by 300kcal.
  • We want to ensure you don’t get burn out.
 parkrun v gentle 27:18

calories 2,000 (estimated)

Cleared out the spare room. V dusty, asthma flared up

SUN WU1M/E40M/MP5M/E30M/MP5M/CD1M (approx 19M)
  • Don’t get too hung up on pace, distance is more important
  • +500kcals
  • Have good protein and fat breakfast two hours before run
 6.81M – asthma wasn’t eased by inhalers, had to turn back. 10:15min/mil pace

calories 1,700 (estimated)

I’ve had a great week this week – a couple of sub 8 minute miles on Monday and a storming run on Thursday. Long run was a bit of a bummer but I just couldn’t catch my breath, so I thought it was better to cut my losses.

Total calories: 13,618

Calorie goal: 11.500

difference: +2,118

Not too worried about the extra calories, my running’s going well and I feel a bit more toned.

Total mileage: 35.17miles


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