The Road to Stockholm – Week Two

Week Breakdown Nutritional Breakdown Other Considerations Comments

4.5M run instead

  • no variant
  • Weigh in
 ave speed of 9:03min/mil

splits of 8:56/8:52/9:00/9:09/9:29

calories: 1,729

+1lb on last week’s weigh in

  • +200kcals
  • Spread extra over day.
·  Keep rules such as low GI  5.5M

ave speed of 9:12min/mil

splits of 9:01/9:09/9:12/9:28/9:26/8:46

calories: 1,734

  • no variant
·  Make sure you are taking on at least 5 portions of vegetables and fruit this week.  The first sunny day of the year warranted dinner with the Mr

calories 2,195

  • no variant
  • Same as normal
·  Make sure you are planning rest at every possible opportunity.  Cycle felt great outwards ave speed of 11.4mph, incoming ave speed of 9.8mph (nice relaxing ride!)

calories 2,380

  • +300kcals
  • Split additional between pre and post workout.
  • Protein and fat before, protein and carbohydrate after.
·  Keep intakes of food fairly regular and try not to have huge meals.

·         Tempo should be run at 20-30 seconds above marathon goal pace

 ave pace 9:09min/mil

9:31/7:39/10:04/ half mile at 9:36

calories 2,077

Had protein snack of bounce ball before run – felt great.

Fell over that evening, bruised my left knee pretty badly. Felt okay to run on though

SAT parkrun
  • +500kcals
  • Pay attention to the breakdown
·  Most runners make the mistake of eating late and going to bed with undigested food in their stomach.  This means the body has to work at rest.

  • go for it!

·         try to keep the splits even

 ave pace 8:03min/mil – 25:04

7:58/7:57/8:15/7:48 (0.1)

Had protein shake before parkrun. Felt much better than usual and not hungry at all. Did feel tired in the third mile though.

calories 3,198

SUN WU1M/E60min/T2M/MP2M/E30min/CD1M (approx 15M)
  • +1000kcals
  • Have a protein and fat breakfast at least 2 hrs before run
  • Start to use snacks from mile 8.
·  Afterwards eat what is appealing.

·  Try to be rested when eating and avoid eating on the move.

·  Take sips whilst rehydrating rather than guzzling water.

9:43min/mil ave pace for 14:75miles.

Maintained 9:30s until  mile 14 then dropped to 10:33. Coincides on when I decided to go home!

Did not follow the plan at all. Goal was to get round without stopping.

Didn’t use snacks, took 500ml of nuun. Was thirsty when I got home.

calories 2,259

Weekly mileage total: 41.16miles

running – 31.46miles

cycling: 9.69miles

Weekly calorie total: 15,572

Weekly calorie goal: 12,500

Difference: +3072

Weight: +1.5lbs

This tells me that I am eating too much! The good news is that I can tell where my extra calories are coming in – snacks. A little biscuit here, a few chocolates there. That’s where it’s adding up. So next week I am not going to snack.

My protein/fat/carbohydrate breakdown is doing well and I am consistently hitting the 20%/30%/50% recommendation from Myfitnesspal.


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