Tempus Fugit when you’re training and working and having fun


Well, here we are, past New Year and Easter and the first races of 2015. How does that happen?

For the first three months of 2015 I had a Plan. I had a Coach. I had Plans to Blog about it. And then life took over and I realised I couldn’t manage the doing and the blogging.

So here I am, sans Coach but with my own Plan and eight weeks to go until Stockholm marathon.

Actually, here I am on Noosa beach, pretending to be a lifeguard. I visited lovely family for a week, a couple of weeks ago. It was lush.
Sooz lifeguard

I even managed to do a parkrun! This was Noosa. It was 24 degrees when we started, at 7am. Phew. I like to think I was going so fast the photographer couldn’t catch me.

Noosa parkrun

I think this is one of my favourite all time pics of me running. We’re a few hundred metres in to the Larmer Tree marathon, run by the amazing White Star Running. Look at my air!

We did Larmer Tree in 5hours 40, walking and running. It was lovely. I can’t recommend WSR enough, honestly.  The races are reasonably priced and you feel like they actually care about you, instead of trying to wring as much dosh as they can out of you. Food at the end was included, photos are free (yes, free) and the aid stations are well stocked with proper food and hugs.  Oh yes, and the races are all in the beautiful surroundings of Dorset. I’m hoping to do the Dorset Invader there in the summer.

Larmer jump

Well, this is obviously Bath – The Royal Crescent, hilariously referred to as ‘a row of terraced houses’. Not where I’m from, thanks.

I did the Bath half marathon at the start of March, in 1:56. My first sub 2 since my PB a year ago (of 1:50). I feel much better now, but I think there’s more where that came from.
royal crescent


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