Loch Ness Week Fifteen


On the plan

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday: 5M steady run approx 9min/mil

Wednesday:  6M easy (approx 10min/mil 60 mins)

Thursday:  Rest

Friday: 1M jog, then 3M at half marathon pace, approximately 25mins, then 1M jog

Saturday: parkrun or 40min fartlek

Sunday: 9M steady at 09:30min/mil for 95 minutes

What I actually did

Monday:  Cycled to work and back

Tuesday:  5.24M @ 08:57 ave pace

Wednesday: 6.3M @09:55 ave pace

Thursday:  Cycled to work and back

Friday: Ran home from work 4.82M ave pace 09:03 min/mil – couldn’t get below 9min/mil and nowhere near the ‘half marathon pace’

Saturday:  Very gentle cycle ride around some pretty Suffolk villages, probably about 11-12 miles over about four hours

Sunday:  9.25M @09:22min/mil for 87minutes


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