Loch Ness Week Fourteen


On the plan

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday:  5M – 1M jog then 6x400m at 10K speed (approx 2mins) with 200m or 90 sec jog recoveries then 1M jog

Wednesday: 6M steady – approx 9:30min/mile in 57 mins)

Thursday: 6M – 1M jog then middle 4M at half marathon pace (approx 34 mins) then 1M jog

Friday: Rest

Saturday:  parkrun 5k or 40 mins fartlek (approx 4M

Sunday: 12M steady – 9:30min/mile in 1 hours 54 mins

What I actually did

Monday:  Rest (not even a cycle to work!)

Tuesday: Cycled to work. 3.55M efforts session at club. average pace of 08:57min/mil

Wednesday: 4.19M. Cut the run short as my left leg was so painful, I was hopping. Went home and stretched.

Thursday: 6.64M steady pace average of 09:31min/mil. Strapped my knee up and, while it felt weird, seemed to do the trick.

Friday:  Cycled to work

Saturday: 14.67M steady run, ave pace of 09:32min/mil. Happy with that, leg feels much better.

Sunday: 6.65M with Mr Charming ave pace of 09:44min/mil. There were some killer hills in there too and it was his longest ever run so pleased with the distance!

This week I will be mainly figuring out logistics for the race. Bib numbers, pasta meals, bag drop, airport shuttles etc. Oh, and working out what I’m going to wear.


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