Loch Ness Week Thirteen


On the plan

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 8M: 1M jog, 8x800m, at 10K pace (approx 4:00), with 400min in 2 mins 30 secs jog recoveries, then 1M jog

Wednesday: 7M easy 10min/mil for 70mins

Thursday: 7M – 1M jog then MP for 5M then 1M jog

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3M approx 30mins

Sunday:  15M easy approx 2h30 @10min/mil

What I actually did

Monday: 4.33M @9:08min/mil ave pace with SRC Norwich

Tuesday: 7.82M with splits as below. Reasonably even but a bit slower than I would have liked.

Tuesday splits

Wednesday: 7.37M  – overall average pace of 9:09. Felt pretty comfortable, didn’t want to slow down for the jog at the end!

Wed MP run

Thursday: cycled to work and back

Friday:  Rest – even drove to work and back!

Saturday:  20.6M. Horrible. Felt so slow and awkward and really uncomfortable. Started out slow and got slower, at least, that’s what it felt like. Ended the run sobbing on the doorstep, frustrated with my lack of pace and energy and how generally rubbish I am.  It’s hard comparing it to the run three weeks ago – that 20M was a cinch compared to this one. Le sigh.


Sunday:  6.11M with Mr KS on his LSR @09:39 average pace. Wore my new Brooks Ravennas and they were like night and day compared to the ones I wore on Saturday! I love the other ones but for some reason, they’re just not gelling with my marathon training. I think I might keep those ones for shorter races.

Have you got a marathon you’re training for?

Have you made any amazing discoveries which you want to pass on?

Ever cried on your doorstep after a really tough run? Just me?


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