Loch Ness Week Twelve


On the plan

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday: 7M of 10 x 400 at 5k pace with 90 sec recoveries and 1M warm up and cooldown

Wednesday: 5M easy approx 10min/mil

Thursday: 7M of alternating 9min/mil and 10min/mil approx 76 minutes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3M easy

Sunday: 20M first 10 at 10min/mil,  second 10 at MP 9min/mil in approx 3hrs10

What I actually did

Monday: Rest – rainy BH so went to the RAF Radar museum then watched films on the telly

Tuesday: Cycled to work and back

Paul Evans session – nearly 4M ave pace @ 7:51min/mil

Wednesday: Cycled to work and back

5M easy ave pace @9:27min/mil

Thursday: 7.38M ave pace 9:20min/mil in 1hr09

Friday: Cycled to work and back. Swam 50 lengths in approximately 45minutes. Right knee swelled up 😦

Saturday:  ran to parkrun and parkrun – 5M 9:06 average pace

RICE on the sofa

Sunday:  Rest in an attempt to get my knee back to working order.

Week Twelve. I’ve been doing my stretches following the issue I had with my left leg last week. This Friday, out of the blue, my knee swelled up and became really painful, especially when I bent it past 45degrees. A couple of grumpy days on the sofa later and it feels okay, but still a bit tender.

I’ve changed my shoes and I can only think that the stretches are encouraging muscles I’m not used to using properly, so hopefully this is temporary and will make me a better runner in the end.  Hopefully next week will be back to normal!


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