Loch Ness Week Eleven


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5M of relaxed fartlek
Wednesday: 6M easy @10min/mil
Thursday: 7M progression run starting at slower than 10:00min/mile and getting faster with last few min/mile sub 9 in approx 66min 1M jog
Friday: Rest
Saturday: parkrun
Sunday: 13M steady in approximately 2 hours (9:30min/mil-ish)

What I actually did:

Monday: cycled to work and back
Tuesday: cycled to work and back. Rested from running, too tired and my leg was a bit sore

Wednesday:  6M relaxed fartlek ave pace 9:09min/mil – slowest k 9:25min/mil (uphill) and fastest k 8:47min/mil – the last one home

Thursday:  cycled to work

Friday:  ran to work 4.75M tempo 8:49min/mil ave and cycled home via the physio

Saturday: 14.2M ave pace recorded at 10:19min/mil but actually faster than that – forgot to stop the garmin after parkrun #154! Roughly 8:45-9:15min/mil ave pace for first 10 miles then parkrun in 8:30ish, then a slow jog home.

Sunday:  Mr Charming’s LSR 5M at 9:29min/mil ave

I had a bit of trouble on last week’s LSR with my ankle hurting. My left side has been giving me niggles for a while and, like the sensible runner I am, I ignored it in the hope it’ll go away… I saw the physio on Friday who told me that a) it wasn’t a hamstring injury so I’m good to carry on and b) my left leg is a cm longer than my right, which could be indicative of a pelvic misalignment. Still, he gave me some good stretches and although I feel a bit battered and bruised, it should be fine by Loch Ness so long as I don’t overdo the training and get plenty of rest.



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