Loch Ness Week Ten


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 7M 1M jog then 8x800m at 10K speed 200m in 90 sec jog recoveries then 1M jog
Wednesday: 7M steady @9:30min/mil
Thursday: 5M – 1M jog then 3 M at marathon pace approx 27minutes then 1M jog (47 minutes)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3M easy approx 30 minutes
Sunday: 20M easy @10min/mil  approx 3hours 20 minutes (10min/mil)

What I actually did:

Monday: cycled to work and back. Efforts session in a massive thunderstorm which saw thunder, lightning, rain, hail, wind and sunshine!

8 x 800 efforts

Tuesday:  cycled to work and back

Wednesday:  cycled to work and back. 7.22M at 9:21min/mil pace on average

Thursday:  cycled to work and back. 4.91M @8:56min/mil on average (approx 44mins) – sweatshop run

Friday:  rest – even drove to work!

Saturday: 20.15M @ 9:37min/mil pace on average. Fuel was aptonia salted caramel gel at 5miles, Vanilla Bean Gu at 10 miles, half a salted caramel at about 15miles and  a couple of dextrose energy tablets.


Sunday:  Mr Charming’s first LSR 4:58M @9:49min/mil




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