Loch Ness Week Nine


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday:  7M alternating 10 and 9 minute min/mile each mile (approx 67 minutes)
Thursday:  7M 1M jog then 6x1000m at 10K pace (approx 5 mins) with 200m in 90 secs jog recoveries, then 1M jog
Friday: Rest
Saturday:parkrun followed by 8M easy – or 45 mins fartlek (approx 5M total)/
parkrun at 8min/mil then 8M at 10:00 min/mi
Sunday: Rest

What I actually did:

Monday:  Cycled to work and back
Tuesday: Legoland and back (driving not running!)

Wednesday:  Cycled to work and back

Thursday:  3.3M out and back in 28minutes before work

Friday:  Cycled to work and back. 40 lengths of the pool.
Saturday: 14M by 10am with parkrun near the end, and I forgot to start it after parkrun so it’s slightly short

Sunday: Rest on the sofa!




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