Loch Ness Week Eight


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 7M 1M jog, 4x1M or 1600m at 10K pace (approx 8mins fast) with 400m in 2mins 30sec jog recoveries, then 1M jog
Wednesday: 7M easy @10min/mil
Thursday: 7M progression run starting at slower than 10:00min/mile and getting faster with last few min/mile sub 9 in approx 60min 1M jog
Friday: Rest
Saturday:3M easy approx 30 minutes
Sunday: 17M in approx 2:42 (First 9M easy in 90 mins, last 8M at mrathon pace in 72mins)

What I actually did:

Monday: cycled to work and back
Tuesday: cycled to work and back.  5M – 3 x 1M efforts round Catton Park. Started the watch in cycle mode then couldn’t get the pacing right at all. Tough run.

Catton Park Efforts
Wednesday:  7M easy @9:35min/mil
Thursday: cycled to work and back.  6M progression run, not very steady but definitely sped up between the beginning and the end!

Progression Run
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: 3.1M easy – parkrun #152 in 29:44 and it was Norwich’s 4th birthday too. Happy birthday Norwich!
Sunday:  17M in approx 2:50. First 9ish miles at 9:30min/mil (ish) then next 5ish at 9min/mil (ish). Garmin battery died, ran out of water and energy and ran/walked/stumbled the last two-three miles. Very hot! Lessons learned: more than nuun water is needed on a hot LSR, charge thy garmin before (even if you don’t think it needs it)




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