Loch Ness Week Six


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5M of 1M jog then1M jog then 3x2000m at 10K pace (approx 10mins) with 400m in 3mins jog recoveries then 1M jog
Wednesday: 7M easy approx 10:00min/mile for 80 mins
Thursday: 5M with middle 3M at marathon pace (sub 9min mile – rest 10min mile approx 47 mins)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3M (approx 30 mins) with strides
Sunday: Grant and Scott Wycombe half marathon

What I actually did:

Monday: Cycled to work and back – 10miles
Tuesday: efforts Week 6Efforts were hard but it felt good to go full pelt, even for as long as 2k at a time. Was pretty hot. Glad I took water.

Wednesday: 7.43M @ 9:36min/mil. Felt fine. Tried to go slower but wasn’t out of breath or struggling at all at that pace so stuck with it.
Thursday:  first 7k @ 8:54-9:57 min/mil, last 4ish k @ 08:46-08:58 min/mil in 61 minutes. Humid and was a longer run than planned (nearly 7M) so decided to go easy for the first few miles and see how I felt for the last bit. Felt pretty good!
Friday:  Swam 50ish lengths. Forgot how many I’d counted so think I overcompensated by a length or two.
Saturday: parkrun at 27:40. Tried to go slower but my competitiveness kicked in

Sunday:  Grant and Stone half marathon 1:57. More on that later.


3 thoughts on “Loch Ness Week Six

  1. Ooh this is the RW-sub4 plan. I’m following it to an extent – did all the long runs etc for Spring marathon and definately at least 4 sessions minimum per week. Didn’t manage my long run yesterday so going to try to do tonight! Look forward to reading about the half-mara!

  2. Hi! It is, your amazing time this year is one of the inspirations! I’m trying to do all of the runs (and have done, so far) and stick to the times as well. I’m also cycling to work two or three times a week (ten miles a day) and swimming once a week too, between 1km and 1 mile.
    Good luck with tonight’s LR!

  3. Cool, I’m struggling with running in the heat! Managed 12 miles tonight. I didn’t stick rigidly to the plan – do whatever intervals we were doing at running club. 10 weeks to go!

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