Loch Ness Week Four


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6M of 1M jog then 5 x 1000m (1k) at 10k pace (5min/k) with 200m in jog recoveries followed by 1M cooldown
Wednesday: 6M easy at 10min/mil
Thursday: 5M alternating between 10min/mil and sub 9min/mil (approx 48mins)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 6M easy

What I actually did:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1k efforts 3.86k in 33min22sec ave moving pace 8:39 min/mil 5 x 1k repeats with 90 seconds recovery (I need to get better at using the lap button on my garmin)

Wednesday: 5.76M easy at ave 9:45min/mil pace
Thursday: 6.43M steady. Really humid and had to walk a few times. Cycled to work and back (10 mile round trip)
Friday: cycled to work and back, swam 45 lengths
Saturday: parkrun – ran there. 4.76M, ave pace of 9:03min/mil. Walked around the city for twelve hours

Sunday: 6.77M at ave pace of 9:08. Walked around the city for 6 hours


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