Loch Ness Week Three


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6M of 1M jog, then 3 x 1M at 10k pace (approx 8 minutes, with 400m in 3 minutes jog recoveries) 1M jog
Wednesday: 4M easy
Thursday: 5M progression run – starting at 10min/mil and each mile faster with the last two min/mil inside 9 min mile
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4M inc hill session
Sunday: 12M in approx 1:54 – First 6M in 60 minutes, last 6M at marathon pace in 54 minutes

What I actually did:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Biked to and from work followed by : Pyramid field efforts

Wednesday: easy birthday run – 5.86M in about an hour. Stopped to enjoy the view, walked a bit.
Thursday: Rest aka driving to Dorset
Friday: Swimming with the two littlest nieces, trampolining, football…
Saturday: Giant’s Head marathon in 7hr15 (unofficial), drove home to Norfolk straight after

Sunday: Rest


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