Recent reads


A round up of my most recent reads

Lionel Shriver BB cover

Big Brother, Lionel Shriver

I love the way she writes. It’s so stark and somehow emotionless but full of feeling at the same time. This is a fascinating look at obesity as a literal problem and a metaphor within society.
Pandora looks up to her jazz musician big brother, Edison. She hasn’t seen him for a little while when he comes to visit, and his appearance has altered a bit.
Insightful, funny and utterly compelling.

Dear John

Dear John, Nicholas Sparks

Every so often I’ll get the urge to read something light and fluffy, a bit of a palate cleanser.
In the future, I think I’ll stick to Jodi Piccoult. I heard an interview with Sparks once who said he writes screenplays for novels. That just about sums him up.
The plots is more than a bit creepy – John and Savannah share a fortnight of holiday romance before he goes back to the army. They then meet a couple of times in the next few years, despite not getting on when they do. It’s told entirely from his point of view, which is especially weird when he’s sitting outside her house when she’s asked him not to contact her anymore.
Not worth the time.


Divergent and Insurgent, Veronica Roth

The first two parts of the trilogy, it’s a typical youth dystopian tale of Tris, railing against the government.
They’re fun though, fairly well written and the idea behind the different factions is interesting.
Good beach reads

NW cover

NW, Zadie Smith

I read this after Dear John and from the first page, it was like plunging into an ice cold pool, a complete wake up call. She writes so vividly and paints such amazing brushstrokes of gritty, hot, London life, I was immediately drawn in.
It’s essentially the story of two girls who grow up on an estate in North West London, but the story twines outwards to include classmates and family members too.
This has stayed with me in the month or so since I read it – definite recommendation and perfect for the summer.

audible TTW

The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger – audible audiobook

I’ve read this book so often it’s a bit odd to listen to it, but quite comforting too. I really like listening to books, having only discovered it recently, but it does make me feel a bit odd if I’m listening to Clare and Henry tie someone up, but shopping in Primark.

  • What books would you recommend?
  • Do you like listening to audiobooks?

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