Loch Ness Week One


On the plan:

Monday: 3M easy
Tuesday: 5M of 1M jog then 4x800m at approx 10K pace (4:00) with 400m jog in three minutes, then 1M jog)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 4M easy
Friday: Rest
Saturday:3M inc hill session or circuit
Sunday: 8M easy

What I actually did:

Monday: sat on the sofa and coughed
Tuesday: sat on the sofa and coughed a bit less. Ran 3.4miles in 3 hours. Or 37 minutes.
Wednesday: went to work and coughed
Thursday: more coughing
Friday: 20 lacklustre lengths of the pool
Saturday: sub 31minute parkrun. Like reverse ‘Speed’ – I had to keep slower than 9min/mil or The Cough would return
Sunday: 9.3miles in 1hr40, with lovely, lovely running buds who put up with my whining and coughing and walking up all of the ‘hills’

Giants Head marathon is a week and a half away. This is not a drill, people! I reckon I’ll walk 70% of it, especially at this rate.

Any tips or tricks in how to get rid of a cold that has a mean cough attached? I feel absolutely fine, just like my lungs are at 10% capacity.

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