The Wedding – the disposable cut


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|1. the cupcakes and cake | 2. cutting the cake | 3.  Flowery bottoms | 4. Waiting for the first dance | 5.  Bunny gets the best seat in the house |6. Papped |7. I have no idea what this is but it’s v pretty |

We got our disposable cameras developed from our wedding this week.

We had fifteen cameras with 24 photos in each, and we got about 270 photos back.

It was great fun looking at them all and seeing the wedding through our guests’ eyes – lots of them were taken by littles so they’re from a completely different height!

We’re so used to instant results with digital cameras and smartphones, it was lovely to have to wait a bit to see the outcome.


I’m ba-ack!




My, I am so sorry, my poor little neglected blog. I have been visiting you with the intention of writing another post following July 2012 (JULY!) but life has got in the way.

Mr Charming and I got married a month ago so we’ve spent about 9 months planning and plotting, along with a change in jobs, my sister got married, I ran two marathons, five half marathons, a 20 miler, a 10 miler and I got my 100 parkrun t-shirt too!

I will put some wedding photos up soon (promise) but here’s a little taster (alongside the ones above, of course)

So coming  up – Adnams 10k, I start Paris marathon training, Christmas, a new baby niece or nephew and a bit of a re-cap on life up until now. Oh, and some books too I reckon.