Keep on running


Phew, July already!

I can’t believe I’ve spent the last two months ‘waiting for summer to arrive’.  I also can’t believe my last post was in March!

The London Marathon was aces – I finished in 4:42:01 on a particularly hot day (come back sun, I didn’t mean for you to disappear completely when I was wishing for rain that Sunday in April!). Best of all, I managed to raise over £800 for Mind, so thank you to all of you lovely donor people.


There I am, clutching the standard milkshake and the medal, of course! Thanks to Mr C, who rushed off to get me said milkshake as soon as I whimpered pathetically that I really wanted one, in lieu of the usual Mars milkshake I have.

Before that, I had the National Lottery Olympic Park Run, which I ran in 42 minutes. It was amazing – amazingly cold, but also brilliant to know that we were running across the finish line before anyone else. We got free official photos too, which I thought was unusual and a lovely gesture.


*NB – not an official picture

Then my next challenge was Edinburgh Half Marathon at the end of May, where I swore I’d do it in sub 2 hours, following London where I did the first half in 2:04.


1:57 later, again, on a very hot day but a beautiful coastal route. Hurrah for me! Special mention goes to the rather phallic medal, which meant I did not do my usual ‘kiss the medal’ photo…


My most recent race was a 10k a couple of weeks ago – the Humpty Dumpty Brewery/GYDAC race. I’ve joined the Norwich Road Runners club, who are all lovely, and that was my first race as part of the club. I’m wearing my new vest. Ooh. It was really nice running in a vest, but a bit strange as I felt quite pressured to do well. It worked as I got a PB by 2 minutes – 53:23 – and felt pretty comfy all the way round.

So, dear readers, what’s next?


Get ready Newcastle – we’re coming for you!

I will DEFINITELY post before then. Absolutely.


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