Supertoys last all summer long*



This poor, neglected blog of mine hasn’t had any posts since July 2011! That’s terrible. Poor thing.  I apologise heartily to the few followers I think it had.

I shall endeavour to post more regularly from now. Pinky swear.

So, what’s been going on with me?

First: did the two half marathons to get a PB of 2 hours 12 minutes and 23 seconds. That was the Royal Parks half marathon in October, which was a fantastic course. Both were great and I have signed up for the Edinburgh half marathon at the end of May.  I‘m determined to get a sub 2 hour half marathon!

We raised £140 for Riders for Health and £364 for Leonard Cheshire Disability, so thank you so much for the donations. They’re both brilliant charities run by lovely people, and I really appreciated the support I had throughout my training.


Second: I completely (well, nearly completely) failed at the BBC Book List challenge. Sigh. I will absolutely continue it this year though, and will maybe try for a book off that list per month. I’m currently re-reading Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’, although I have to say it’s more of a ‘reading’ as I don’t remember anything so far.

The other thing is that I am now training for the London Marathon. This year. April 22nd. Eep. When I was doing the half marathon training I thought that I would never be able to manage 13.2 miles. It’s an awfully long way. But our bodies are amazing and adapt to all sorts of rubbish we put them through, so last week I ran 11.5 miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes, at a fairly steady and relatively easy pace. I could have continued, which is a good thing as I’ve got nigh on 15 more miles to run beyond that!

I’m running this for Mind. Mind are a charity that helps people affected by mental health problems as there is a still a stigma attached to mental health which is not necessarily there with a physical ailment. It’s easy to see a broken arm (well, with a cast on it is!) but not easy to see depression or schizophrenia.

Running straddles physical and mental health by contributing to maintaining (and improving) both, so it seemed like a good fit.

In other exciting news, I’ve got my first proper sports massage on Thursday. What does one wear to a sports massage? I asked the question when I booked it, but got a vague ‘wear what you feel comfortable in’ response.

Enough about me – what’s been going with you?

* so Mr C and I watched ‘AI’ the other night, and I can’t get the name of the short story it was based on out of my head.  Anyone else get that?