Nike+ – Security issues



So, I use Nike+ to track my runs.  Better detail can be found via the google, but it’s basically two chips – one for your shoes and one for your iPod. The signal passes from one to the other and records how fast/long and, if you’re super pro, where your runs are. When you get home, you plug in your iPod and it transfers to the nikerunning website via iTunes.

It’s not very expensive (around £18.99 ) but I think that’s reflected in the quality.

Writing about all of the glitches on the site, the fact that it takes two correct tries to log in, graphs very often don’t render properly if at all, runs stop feeding to twitter, iPod and nike+ numbers don’t tally and the site is generally buggy, would take a long time. So I will only mention the one that’s bothering me the most.

Nike+ allows you to set challenges and goals for yourself. The goals break down into run frequency, run distance, run speed and calories burned.  A week before they are due to expire, you get a reminder e-mail.  It’s a little inconvenient, especially as you can set goals for one week, which means as soon as you set it you get a reminder e-mail. Motivational, thanks Nike+.

I hope you can make it out.  Here’s a screenshot:

I’ve blanked out identifiable details.

Here’s the page for the link it takes you to:

It’s quite hard to see with the details blanked out, but basically – that’s not me.  So I received an e-mail from Nike+, one of the biggest sportswear manufacturers in the world, using someone else’s details.

That concerned me as it raised questions about what’s happening with my details if I’m getting someone else’s e-mails, but there are no bank details or other information that could point to the real me without a google or two,  so I wasn’t panicking, the first time this happened.

I must have received no fewer than five of these e-mails. Each time, I’ve e-mailed Nike+ to inform them of the error. I have either been brushed off or not even replied to.

Please see below:

The reply from Sebastian doesn’t at all answer my query – and that was the best reply!

I’ve even posted on Nike’s forum, but haven’t had any replies.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Does anyone have any suggestions for other things to try?


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