The Shoe Rack – Post 1


So, I have a lot of shoes. It’s a bit of a long running joke, although it’s not so funny when we have to move them anywhere…

The Shoe Rack

This is the Shoe rack. I also have a box of shoes which didn’t come with boxes, and the shoe rack downstairs in the hallway:

Not all of those are mine, by the way.  At least four pairs there are Mr Charming’s.

As I have so many shoes, I thought it’d be interesting to take photos of the ones I wear everyday. After a while, I can work out which ones I  wear a lot, and which ones I never wear. I might even remember some I’ve forgotten about!

To kick start it, here are the shoes I wore this morning:

and these are the shoes I’ve been wearing most of today:

SlippersI think I might need to practice the photography…

I’ll post the shoes I wear tonight and tomorrow, tomorrow! Hope you’re all having lovely weekends. xx

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