Back with a Bang


Wow, it’s been a long time. Apologies at my absence, dear blog. I have missed you but sadly I have been pulled in different directions.

So, what have I been up to in the last couple of months?

In April I broke my finger playing netball:

Bruised knuckle

Which  is getting better nearly two months on, but I’m not playing games yet. I might miss the whole summer season, which would be rubbish.

The Big Red Ball came to town as part of the Norwich Festival:

Big Red Ball @ St Gregory's AlleyThis cracked me up.  I think  it was just the ridiculousness of the big red ball crammed into strange places, but it definitely brightened my day whenever I saw it.

I went to Menorca with my beautiful sister for a week at the end of May:

My sister and IThis actually isn’t Menorca – it was taken beside one of the elephants trumpetting around London. Isn’t she pretty?

The week I came back I had an exciting addition:

It’s a little fuzzy I’m afraid, but you get the idea! It’s also still healing at the moment, but it’s doing really well.

I love it.

Last weekend  Mr Charming, some friends of ours and I took on the Norwich 50 challenge:

15 miles downThat was me after 15 miles. Mr Charming and I had to duck out after about 43 miles because we had no energy left to pedal the last few. Next year we’ll do it – we might even train for it this time!

What have you lovelies been up to? What have you got planned?



One thought on “Back with a Bang

  1. debz michaela

    Aww sweets, I love reading your blogs :-)) I really must follow suit, have been so lazy with my writing recently. That tatt is beautiful! Planning to pop along to Naarwich in August, would love to see you, it’s been an age! *mwah* xx*xx

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