If it makes you happy…


I’ve been feeling a little blue lately.  Nothing major or serious,  I think the tail end of winter was hanging on for a little too long.

So,  inspired by these beautiful people at rockstar diaries, I thought I’d give you the ten things that make me happy.  They’ll probably be different in a month’s time and besides – everyone has more than ten things that make them happy!

  1. baking brownies
  2. Emmy the Great’s First Love
  3. a good book, cup of tea and a cigarette
  4. the shower after a run
  5. snuggle Sundays with Mr Charming
  6. Mumford & Sons’ Little Lion Man
  7. handwritten letters
  8. sparkly shoes
  9. ABBA’s SOS
  10. the first spring snowdrops


2 thoughts on “If it makes you happy…

  1. I love this idea, here is my current 10:

    1. New episodes of Lost
    2. Magazines
    3. Curry and chilli nights with the boy
    4. Watching Americas Next Top Model with the boys and their attempts at smizing (the clean Tyra way)
    5. Reading a great book
    6. Getting fun mail- even if it is something I ordered off Play/Amazon
    7. Planning the US trip
    8. Hearing a great new song
    9. Making mix tapes (which are really CDs or playlists)
    10. Breakfast on Saturday mornings with the boy and his family

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