Open air cinema


As part of the Lord Mayor celebrations,  Norwich council will be screening a film in the open air, as they’ve done every year for the past couple. (although, in different places – I saw Some Like it Hot outside the Forum a few years ago)

In order to help decide what’s being shown, there’s been a poll set up.  The connecting feature is that they all celebrate anniversaries this year, but it’s a choice of:


Blues Brothers

The Breakfast Club

Bet you can’t tell what my favourite film is…

Norwichian type people – feel free to vote.  I don’t want to guilt you into anything, but I would love to see The Breakfast Club in the open air. Just sayin’.

This is the poll link.


If it makes you happy…


I’ve been feeling a little blue lately.  Nothing major or serious,  I think the tail end of winter was hanging on for a little too long.

So,  inspired by these beautiful people at rockstar diaries, I thought I’d give you the ten things that make me happy.  They’ll probably be different in a month’s time and besides – everyone has more than ten things that make them happy!

  1. baking brownies
  2. Emmy the Great’s First Love
  3. a good book, cup of tea and a cigarette
  4. the shower after a run
  5. snuggle Sundays with Mr Charming
  6. Mumford & Sons’ Little Lion Man
  7. handwritten letters
  8. sparkly shoes
  9. ABBA’s SOS
  10. the first spring snowdrops