Z is for Ziegesar


Little J escapes the confines of New York and Constance in the first in the series of the It Girl books.

Perhaps I’m getting too old to be reading teen books, but it seemed like there was a lot of swearing in this, considering it’s aimed at 12-17 year olds. Not to mention the drinking, the smoking and the general nakedness that goes on throughout.

Jenny Humphrey (of Gossip Girl, for those who know) has been asked to leave Constance due to a series of misunderstandings. She has chosen a rich, mixed sex boarding school somewhere in upstate New York, I’m guessing, where the girls dress in Chanel and Ralph Lauren and the boys dress in J Crew boxer shorts, apparently.  A mixed-sex boarding school does not seem like a good idea to me (but did, apparently, to her father) and as predicted, within ten pages the teens are bed hopping and smoking all over the place.

I can’t actually be bothered to relate the story. Sorry. It’s about Jenny being irresistible to the guys at school who all have popular girlfriends, and there’s some sort of scam going on with said bed hoppers and Jenny blackmailing someone else…

Some things I liked about it, as I do love Gossip Girl, which was created by the author, Cecily von Ziegesar. I liked the pretty clothes, although it’s not the same when you can look at on telly, but instead have to read endless descriptions of polo shirts, Pucci scarves and Stella McCartney boots. It was quite fun, in a Mallory Towers gone wrong way, and none of the girls actually had (or has had) sex, which was quite nice, I suppose.  I actually have the second in the series to read, but I think I will be returning it to the library forthwith.

Basically, if  you like the TV show Gossip Girl, stay away from the books.


One thought on “Z is for Ziegesar

  1. Well Done Sooz! An epic achievement. For 2010 I suggest you read every religious book from The Bible to The Book Of Scientology.
    Actually that’s quite a good idea…

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