HQhair update


I posted a couple of months ago about HQhair.com and how their site is not Mac friendly. I bought a gift certificate for a family member’s birthday before realising that she can’t use it, as she has a Mac at home.
I called HQhair to get a refund, and was told categorically that they don’t do refunds on gift vouchers. This was before I’d even explained why I wanted a refund, so once I’d cut through the customer service apathy, the customer service rep said she’d take my number and ask their technical department how to do it.
After hearing nothing for twenty four hours, I called again, and got the same person. For a pretty complex site, I don’t think there’s a huge customer department. She told me that the site was being updated and as from this week (around the 14th of September) it would be possible to complete payment on a Mac.
Great news! It’s only taken them around three years to do something about it, from when I first e-mailed. It’s yet to be proved as I really don’t need any more stuff at the moment, but I’ll let you know when I try it out.

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