A good egg


For Mr Charming’s birthday this year I wanted to get him some trainers he’d oohed over a little while before. I ordered them from Sole Trader on the Monday before his birthday, assured that the delivery will arrive on Wednesday.

That evening, I realised that I’d managed to order the wrong size of trainer! After six years, you’d think I’d know what size shoe he is. So I was in danger of being a bad girlfriend by leaving my man with no proper birthday present, and only peripheral ones.

I trawled the internet searching for those specific trainers (pretty hard to find, actually) and even looked up the couple of specialist trainer shops in Norwich, with no luck. Eventually I stumbled across Alan’s Store, a skater/BMXer online shop which sells brands like Vans, Volcom and, inexplicably for me, Nike.

They had the trainers, in the right size and they were even slightly cheaper than Sole Trader, brilliant. I placed the order around noon the day before Mr Charming’s birthday, where I added a note:


My boyfriend’s birthday is tomorrow and although I know it’s extremely short notice, I would be grateful if you could send this out as soon as possible. I’ve been looking for the trainers for months, after he spotted them in a magazine, and know he’d be thrilled with them on his birthday. It would make me look like a good girlfriend as well!

Please call me and let me know if there’s anything else you need.

Around four hours later, I got this reply:

Hi Suze,

Your order has now been despatched via Royal Mail Special Delivery and should be with you tomorrow. Make sure to let your boyfriend think you ordered these weeks ago, and then you’ll get more birthday cake 🙂

best Regards,

Excellent, right? The best thing about it was that they arrived on his birthday, just as we were finishing the present unwrapping – I thought we’d have to keep Royal Mail time of anywhere between 12 noon and 4.59pm for post.

Personal, fast and friendly service – I’d recommend alansstore to anyone looking for skater/BMX stuff that’s more individual than Free Spirit. They seem to have pretty hardcore useful stuff too, which I know nothing about, like trucks and grip tape.


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