Loch Ness Week Fourteen


On the plan

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday:  5M – 1M jog then 6x400m at 10K speed (approx 2mins) with 200m or 90 sec jog recoveries then 1M jog

Wednesday: 6M steady – approx 9:30min/mile in 57 mins)

Thursday: 6M – 1M jog then middle 4M at half marathon pace (approx 34 mins) then 1M jog

Friday: Rest

Saturday:  parkrun 5k or 40 mins fartlek (approx 4M

Sunday: 12M steady – 9:30min/mile in 1 hours 54 mins

What I actually did

Monday:  Rest (not even a cycle to work!)

Tuesday: Cycled to work. 3.55M efforts session at club. average pace of 08:57min/mil

Wednesday: 4.19M. Cut the run short as my left leg was so painful, I was hopping. Went home and stretched.

Thursday: 6.64M steady pace average of 09:31min/mil. Strapped my knee up and, while it felt weird, seemed to do the trick.

Friday:  Cycled to work

Saturday: 14.67M steady run, ave pace of 09:32min/mil. Happy with that, leg feels much better.

Sunday: 6.65M with Mr Charming ave pace of 09:44min/mil. There were some killer hills in there too and it was his longest ever run so pleased with the distance!

This week I will be mainly figuring out logistics for the race. Bib numbers, pasta meals, bag drop, airport shuttles etc. Oh, and working out what I’m going to wear.

Loch Ness Week Thirteen


On the plan

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 8M: 1M jog, 8x800m, at 10K pace (approx 4:00), with 400min in 2 mins 30 secs jog recoveries, then 1M jog

Wednesday: 7M easy 10min/mil for 70mins

Thursday: 7M – 1M jog then MP for 5M then 1M jog

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3M approx 30mins

Sunday:  15M easy approx 2h30 @10min/mil

What I actually did

Monday: 4.33M @9:08min/mil ave pace with SRC Norwich

Tuesday: 7.82M with splits as below. Reasonably even but a bit slower than I would have liked.

Tuesday splits

Wednesday: 7.37M  – overall average pace of 9:09. Felt pretty comfortable, didn’t want to slow down for the jog at the end!

Wed MP run

Thursday: cycled to work and back

Friday:  Rest – even drove to work and back!

Saturday:  20.6M. Horrible. Felt so slow and awkward and really uncomfortable. Started out slow and got slower, at least, that’s what it felt like. Ended the run sobbing on the doorstep, frustrated with my lack of pace and energy and how generally rubbish I am.  It’s hard comparing it to the run three weeks ago – that 20M was a cinch compared to this one. Le sigh.


Sunday:  6.11M with Mr KS on his LSR @09:39 average pace. Wore my new Brooks Ravennas and they were like night and day compared to the ones I wore on Saturday! I love the other ones but for some reason, they’re just not gelling with my marathon training. I think I might keep those ones for shorter races.

Have you got a marathon you’re training for?

Have you made any amazing discoveries which you want to pass on?

Ever cried on your doorstep after a really tough run? Just me?

Loch Ness Week Twelve


On the plan

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday: 7M of 10 x 400 at 5k pace with 90 sec recoveries and 1M warm up and cooldown

Wednesday: 5M easy approx 10min/mil

Thursday: 7M of alternating 9min/mil and 10min/mil approx 76 minutes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3M easy

Sunday: 20M first 10 at 10min/mil,  second 10 at MP 9min/mil in approx 3hrs10

What I actually did

Monday: Rest – rainy BH so went to the RAF Radar museum then watched films on the telly

Tuesday: Cycled to work and back

Paul Evans session – nearly 4M ave pace @ 7:51min/mil

Wednesday: Cycled to work and back

5M easy ave pace @9:27min/mil

Thursday: 7.38M ave pace 9:20min/mil in 1hr09

Friday: Cycled to work and back. Swam 50 lengths in approximately 45minutes. Right knee swelled up :(

Saturday:  ran to parkrun and parkrun – 5M 9:06 average pace

RICE on the sofa

Sunday:  Rest in an attempt to get my knee back to working order.

Week Twelve. I’ve been doing my stretches following the issue I had with my left leg last week. This Friday, out of the blue, my knee swelled up and became really painful, especially when I bent it past 45degrees. A couple of grumpy days on the sofa later and it feels okay, but still a bit tender.

I’ve changed my shoes and I can only think that the stretches are encouraging muscles I’m not used to using properly, so hopefully this is temporary and will make me a better runner in the end.  Hopefully next week will be back to normal!

Loch Ness Week Eleven


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5M of relaxed fartlek
Wednesday: 6M easy @10min/mil
Thursday: 7M progression run starting at slower than 10:00min/mile and getting faster with last few min/mile sub 9 in approx 66min 1M jog
Friday: Rest
Saturday: parkrun
Sunday: 13M steady in approximately 2 hours (9:30min/mil-ish)

What I actually did:

Monday: cycled to work and back
Tuesday: cycled to work and back. Rested from running, too tired and my leg was a bit sore

Wednesday:  6M relaxed fartlek ave pace 9:09min/mil – slowest k 9:25min/mil (uphill) and fastest k 8:47min/mil – the last one home

Thursday:  cycled to work

Friday:  ran to work 4.75M tempo 8:49min/mil ave and cycled home via the physio

Saturday: 14.2M ave pace recorded at 10:19min/mil but actually faster than that – forgot to stop the garmin after parkrun #154! Roughly 8:45-9:15min/mil ave pace for first 10 miles then parkrun in 8:30ish, then a slow jog home.

Sunday:  Mr Charming’s LSR 5M at 9:29min/mil ave

I had a bit of trouble on last week’s LSR with my ankle hurting. My left side has been giving me niggles for a while and, like the sensible runner I am, I ignored it in the hope it’ll go away… I saw the physio on Friday who told me that a) it wasn’t a hamstring injury so I’m good to carry on and b) my left leg is a cm longer than my right, which could be indicative of a pelvic misalignment. Still, he gave me some good stretches and although I feel a bit battered and bruised, it should be fine by Loch Ness so long as I don’t overdo the training and get plenty of rest.


Loch Ness Week Ten


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 7M 1M jog then 8x800m at 10K speed 200m in 90 sec jog recoveries then 1M jog
Wednesday: 7M steady @9:30min/mil
Thursday: 5M – 1M jog then 3 M at marathon pace approx 27minutes then 1M jog (47 minutes)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3M easy approx 30 minutes
Sunday: 20M easy @10min/mil  approx 3hours 20 minutes (10min/mil)

What I actually did:

Monday: cycled to work and back. Efforts session in a massive thunderstorm which saw thunder, lightning, rain, hail, wind and sunshine!

8 x 800 efforts

Tuesday:  cycled to work and back

Wednesday:  cycled to work and back. 7.22M at 9:21min/mil pace on average

Thursday:  cycled to work and back. 4.91M @8:56min/mil on average (approx 44mins) – sweatshop run

Friday:  rest – even drove to work!

Saturday: 20.15M @ 9:37min/mil pace on average. Fuel was aptonia salted caramel gel at 5miles, Vanilla Bean Gu at 10 miles, half a salted caramel at about 15miles and  a couple of dextrose energy tablets.


Sunday:  Mr Charming’s first LSR 4:58M @9:49min/mil



Loch Ness Week Nine


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday:  7M alternating 10 and 9 minute min/mile each mile (approx 67 minutes)
Thursday:  7M 1M jog then 6x1000m at 10K pace (approx 5 mins) with 200m in 90 secs jog recoveries, then 1M jog
Friday: Rest
Saturday:parkrun followed by 8M easy – or 45 mins fartlek (approx 5M total)/
parkrun at 8min/mil then 8M at 10:00 min/mi
Sunday: Rest

What I actually did:

Monday:  Cycled to work and back
Tuesday: Legoland and back (driving not running!)

Wednesday:  Cycled to work and back

Thursday:  3.3M out and back in 28minutes before work

Friday:  Cycled to work and back. 40 lengths of the pool.
Saturday: 14M by 10am with parkrun near the end, and I forgot to start it after parkrun so it’s slightly short

Sunday: Rest on the sofa!



Loch Ness Week Eight


On the plan:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 7M 1M jog, 4x1M or 1600m at 10K pace (approx 8mins fast) with 400m in 2mins 30sec jog recoveries, then 1M jog
Wednesday: 7M easy @10min/mil
Thursday: 7M progression run starting at slower than 10:00min/mile and getting faster with last few min/mile sub 9 in approx 60min 1M jog
Friday: Rest
Saturday:3M easy approx 30 minutes
Sunday: 17M in approx 2:42 (First 9M easy in 90 mins, last 8M at mrathon pace in 72mins)

What I actually did:

Monday: cycled to work and back
Tuesday: cycled to work and back.  5M – 3 x 1M efforts round Catton Park. Started the watch in cycle mode then couldn’t get the pacing right at all. Tough run.

Catton Park Efforts
Wednesday:  7M easy @9:35min/mil
Thursday: cycled to work and back.  6M progression run, not very steady but definitely sped up between the beginning and the end!

Progression Run
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: 3.1M easy – parkrun #152 in 29:44 and it was Norwich’s 4th birthday too. Happy birthday Norwich!
Sunday:  17M in approx 2:50. First 9ish miles at 9:30min/mil (ish) then next 5ish at 9min/mil (ish). Garmin battery died, ran out of water and energy and ran/walked/stumbled the last two-three miles. Very hot! Lessons learned: more than nuun water is needed on a hot LSR, charge thy garmin before (even if you don’t think it needs it)